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popol vuh - Aguirre I
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Popol Vuh — “Aguirre I (L’Acrime di Rei)”
From the soundtrack to the film Aguirre, the Wrath of God.

Roger Ebert:

Herzog told me, “We used a strange instrument, which we called a ‘choir-organ.’ It has inside it three dozen different tapes running parallel to each other in loops. … All these tapes are running at the same time, and there is a keyboard on which you can play them like an organ so that [it will] sound just like a human choir but yet, at the same time, very artificial and really quite eerie.”

I emphasize the music because the sound of a Herzog film is organically part of its effect. His stories begin in a straightforward manner, but their result is incalculable, and there is no telling where they may lead: They conclude not in an “ending” but in the creation of a mood within us — a spiritual or visionary feeling.

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